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They are:

1. Build-Measure-Learn learning cycle: support new product / service development with a scientific and disciplined process of collecting feedback from the market

2. The concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the backbone of lean experiments

3. Innovation Accounting Principles to enhance learning outcome from the Development Process, in addition to Financial Results

4. How to make Product Development Process predictable

5. How to create and manage knowledge to develop products efficiently and effectively

6. How to reconfigure and reorganize your business to increase market share with the introduction of highly innovative products

7. The process of aligning the entire management team around the company strategy

8. The method for achieving financial goals by linking them to specific Process Indicators and Cost Drivers

9. Practical Lean Accounting Tools that let you guide your strategic and tactical choices, by using your accounting data

10. How to link the Lean transformation program to improvement of operational and financial performance

11. A method based on real data for calculating ROI in Lean Transformation and estimating the amount of resources to invest

12. The method for separating the foreseeable work from the unpredictable one in the services sector

13. The right questions you must take to guide the transformation effectively

14. The 8 basic questions driving companies in their Lean transformation

15. The impact of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programs in Companies like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

16. How Lean Management will evolve over the next 10 years?

17. How to develop your collaborators and keep them focused on value for the customer, to grow your business in a sustainable and profitable way

18. Practical actions to be implemented and mistakes to avoid to ensure that your Scrum Team is able to solve the problems of your project every day

19. A human-centered operational protocol to make the principles of "lean philosophy" concrete and effective, extract "gemba's intelligence" and create a widespread culture of excellence and improvement in the company

20. How to use the A3 to develop and empower your employees and make the system of performance improvement effective


The answers to each of these points will be provided at European Lean Summit 2017, designed for those who have already started business transformation and want to expand it all over the enterprise without stumbling into the typical problems that slow down implementation, such as some examples:

- One of the top managers does not actively support the transformation process

- The middle managers and supervisors always stay at the same level after months of project

- Profit does not improve because, after releasing production capacity, the company fails to create new value streams with innovative and profitable product launches

…….and so many others you've definitely had experience


Take a look at the detailed program of the event and secure your place at European Lean Summit 2017. The "early bird" price will be available for a few days.




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